The Shifting Writer

Since a writer is born, there is this spark in its soul that makes him or her a writer. As this light grows we cannot help but create stories and characters around us.

When a writer falls in love even at a very a young age with their first love, for us everything becomes a new world in itself. We describe the object of our affection, every single moment that we spent with them from the first flower that we gave them up to the first time when we held our loves hands. We imagine endless and exciting stories that in our minds know no end and we can also fly to the ends of the earth with our very mind.

As years pass our passions change. Then we learn to talk inside ourselves ( you know what I am talking about ) , we even have conversions with ourselves and when we have an issue with another human being, we run several scenes in our minds. We create colorful, wise and intelligent scripts.

Change in itself is ingrained within human nature. But I would dare to say that a writer is in a continuous metamorphosis because we feed of change. Learning about everything we can think of.

Our motor will always be this wonderful world because we absorb what surrounds us like no other creature on this earth, and that very fact is what is exciting to us.

We find our muse in our every day life, even inside the smallest things. Now, imagine, this scene:

¨The main street of a small town, where the weather is a never-ending autumn. You lift up your eyes and feel its wind blowing on your face, while feeling the soft vintage pink and violet petals that are in its winds caressing your face. While you are walking, you can see a few beautiful antique shops with their golden doors, and walk a little bit further, and you find a donut and a ice cream shop that you as you pass by, you can smell the sweetness of those delicious donuts being baked. A few steps further and then you find this small coffee shop filled with this wonderful warmth, that it reminds you of your favorite coffee shop in Paris, then you decide to sit down and breath in the aroma of their coffee grain. You take out your laptop, notebook and your favorite pen from your bag and after that you gaze at the people as they pass by while creating their life story in your mind¨.

Now the scene that I just described is what makes a writer, a writer. We never stop shifting. We are always in this space-time continuum of our own where we can travel through time, enter into new worlds, meet new characters, civilizations, languages and even new creatures. Life is always interesting in our world, wouldn´t you agree?

A writer is like a locksmith that has the keys of the universe of magic and soul. We shift every time to enter into a new world.

written by MC Bejar

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