Caring for a translators mind

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Good Afternoon! my fellow bloggers, translators and friends. I apologize for my prolonged absence. On this absence I learned a valuable lesson. Everyday life events: work, family and so on have a way to take you away from what you love the most. In my case, it would be writing on my blog. And feeling free to say what is on my mind.

One of the things that I have been doing is working on different freelance projects that have taken me away from my thoughts. But it has been a great learning process. One the subjects that I want to talk about is how important it is for a translator to take care of their mind. And not exhaust your mind to the point of having something that I do not think people talk about and that is having a: translators block. That is right, ladies and gentlemen! a translators mind can also get blocked. You may ask: why?

Well, as I mentioned on previous posts, a translator is also part writer. And when you overtake projects that at first you think: Oh, I can do this! and then due to the heaviness of information, even if it is a simple work to translate with very easy concepts to understand. Your mind can become tired and therefore blocked.

So my fellow translators and writers. Remember that sometimes it is better to take on projects that are smaller so that you can take care of your mind. Because there isn’t money in the world that can pay for your health. Because as you all know, big projects require lack of sleep, excesive stress levels and so on.

And also make sure to work on projects that your heart is in. Because translators are also artists. So put your heart on everything that you work on. Because I learned that if your heart is not there, then therefore you will not be satisfied with your work. It does not matter how hard you actually worked, late nights that you gave to this project and so on.

Heart, soul and mind comes first!

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