The Roots of the Language of Love


What we know to be the Spanish language of today is derived from a Latin dialect that comes from the north-central part of the Iberian Peninsula after the downfall of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century. One of the first cities to establish and develop a written standard of the language were the city of Toledo ( 13th to 16th centuries and Madrid from the 1560s.

The Spanish language originated in the Southwest region of Europe knows as the Iberian Peninsula. But approximately before the end of the 6th century BC, the region’s first inhabitants known as The Iberian’s, began to interact with the Celts, that were a group of nomadic people from Central Europe.

The Spanish Language has an important lexical influence from the Arabic Language and also from the Paleohispanic languages such as Celtiberian and Basque. The Spanish language has also absorbed many words that come from other Romance languages like French, in recent times also from English. But the first main development of the language came from Vulgar Latin.

This is a small display of how old is the Spanish Language:

Era 10th–15th centuries; continues as a liturgical language but with a modernized pronunciation.
Language family Indo-European Italic Romance Western Iberian West Iberian Old Spanish
Writing system Latin
The Arabic language has been the second largest lexical influence on Spanish after Latin. It is estimated that there are about one thousand Arabic roots, and about three thousand derived words, that makes a total of around four thousand words. And would be 8% of the Spanish dictionary.
Here is the a list of the official Spanish Speaking Nations:
* Argentina
* Bolivia
* Chile
* Colombia
* Costa Rica
* Cuba
* Dominican Republic
* Ecuador,
* El Salvador
* Equatorial Guinea
* Guatemala
* Honduras
* Mexico
* Nicaragua
* Panama
* Paraguay
* Peru
* Spain
* Uruguay
* Venezuela
But the Spanish language is so much more than its roots and what has influenced her.  It has been one of the few languages that brings a whole new meaning to love. It has been the language with whom many couples have fallen deeply in love. It is the language of great poets like Pablo Neruda and Octavio Paz. It also the language of one the greatest authors named: Julio Cortázar. Which it is my thinking that he was one of the main Spanish speaking author’s that gave Spanish the best grammatical use.
It has also the mother tongue of the famous composer Agustín Lara who was also considered a legendary musical- poet , his songs have been translated and sang in so many languages.
It is my perspective that the beauty of this wonderful language speaks to the soul of human kind like very few languages can.  I guess I am a little biased on the matter. Though it is something I sincerely believe. It can raise to the highest of heavens and take down the lowest parts of the earth. This is one of many reasons that a translation needs to adhere to this phenomenon that the Spanish Language can bring to your work. So that the soul of the language and the beauty of your piece can be born with a beautiful light. And that is the reason why you need to find a person who can achieve such a task.

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