A partnership between two worlds


To be a translator it is not just about turning one language into another. It is a partnership between author and translator.

I believe that is of great importance for a translator to understand that what they are doing it is not just a mechanical thing but an art. What the author is doing is giving a part of himself or herself to another person. The key to the world that they have created for their readers. And it deserves the greatest respect one person can give and as much perfectionism as possible.

A translators job it is to get into that world and take care of it like a mother would take care of a new born baby. You might say: It is an exaggeration! But I think it is not the case. Because many authors have been nurturing their for years. The writing process many times takes years. I mean if it took a very long time for planet earth to bloom and be what we know today. Doesn’t hurt when something happens to it? why? well the answer it is because it is part of who we are and it provides what we need to survive. For an author every character, word, dialogue it is part of the world that they have created, and if the translator it is not responsible, then it will damage that world and the message that this world is bring to its readers. I truly think that for an author writing is part of their daily oxygen without they wither.

To achieve the perfectionism that a literary piece needs it is of great importance for the translator and author to have a great amount of communication. To make sure that they understand one another. To have a healthy amount of friendship,empathy for one another, and patience. To translate a book, it is also a process that requires nurturing and patience on both sides.  This is why it is of great importance for the author to find a translator with whom they have chemistry with and he or she has the background that fits the authors needs.

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